Date: 06 May 2021 (Thu)

Time: 18:30-20:00

Duration: 1.5 hour

Venue: The webinar will be conducted via ZOOM

Charges: Free for webinar session; HK$50 for issuing CPD certificate188



Ir Dr. CHAN Hon Fai  BBS
Dr. LIU Yaohui, Keane


Ir Dr. CHAN Hon Fai BBS is the president of HKIWSS. He was the past chairperson of Advisory Committee on Water Supplies and has more than 40 years of experience in environmental engineering and management. He has been in charge of numbers of projects related to water quality and pollution control. Dr. CHAN has been teaching renewable energy including nuclear energy at HKU on part time basis.

Dr. LIU Yaohui, Keane, is expert and working group member of HKIWSS. He serves as assistant professor in Faculty of Science and Technology. His research interests are in hydraulics and water and wastewater technology.


The tsunami with a wave over 14 metres (46ft) high hit Fukushima nuclear plant on 11 March 2011, flooding the plant and knocking out the emergency generators. Three of the reactors overheated and partly melted the cores. The officials decided to pump seawater into the reactors in a desperate attempt to cool down fuel rods and avoid a complete meltdown that could release radioactive fallout across much of the country and beyond. More than a million tonnes of water have been used to cool the melted reactors. It is kept in huge tanks but they are running out of space and expected to be filled up by 2022. Japan has approved releasing the radioactive wastewater into ocean on 13 April 2021. How will it affect the safety of the ocean environment?

This webinar will discuss the potential impacts of discharging radioactive wastewater from Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant into Japanese waters. International guidelines/standards for ocean disposal of radioactive waste will be investigated. Monitoring and testing of radioactive wastewater will be introduced. Possible treatment will be explored to reduce its impact of the radioactive wastewater.

Space: 90 (first-come-first-serve)

Fee: Free of Charge for ZOOM only
CPD certificate: Depend on request, $50 per certificate for handling charge including mailing expenses.