(4th Meeting, Joint Webinar with CIWEM)

Date: 27 Jul 2021 (Tue)

Time: 18:30-20:00

Duration: 1.5 hour

Venue: The webinar will be conducted via ZOOM

Charges: Free for webinar session; HK$50 for issuing CPD certificate188


Ir Dr. Eric Wong
Sr Kenny Wong
Mr. Kenneth Chan

Ir Dr. Eric Wong, Sr Kenny Wong and Mr. Kenneth Chan are HKIWSS Expert and working group members. They are past chairman of CIPHE-HKB for years and active in public health and hygiene. All of them are known as experts in Hong Kong Plumbing and Drainage industries.


The COVID-1 9 pandemic is widely outbreaking and spreading in Hong Kong buildings. Many of them are related to drainage system of the residential buildings. The outbreak of the coronavirus confirmed to be present in air and human excrement. Apart from the need for good understanding of drainage network not only in related to legislative regulations, but also the path of virus infection principles by analytic cases. Suggestions will be provided and discussed for new works and maintenance projects in the drainage systems. It is an urgent need for knowing of healthy sewage systems/ toilets /bathrooms in order to achieve the maximum level of hygiene and reduction the risk of cross contamination and virus infection.

Space: 90 (first-come-first-serve)
Fee: Free of Charge (by ZOOM)
CPD certificate: On request, $50 per certificate including handling an mailing expenses.